doctor who fan fiction by ljc

Woolly Jumpers, Choices, and Lemonade
Set between "The end of the World" and "The Unquiet Dead." Just a quick stopover. Rated PG.

Ivory and Horn
A quiet walk across the ice fields of Kos turns into more than either the Doctor or Rose planned for. Rated PG-13.

Ten Seconds
Set during "World War Three." He should have stopped her. Rated PG.

Support Undergarments to the Rescue
The Doctor finally realises Rose and Peri have something in common. Rated PG-13.

A Little Piece of Home
Set during "Dalek." For all his 900 years experience, the Doctor still needed looking after. Rated PG-13.

Odd Man Out
Set after "The Doctor Dances." Captain Jack discovers that Rose doesn't play games with the Doctor. Rated NC-17.

Not a Busman's Holiday
Set after "World War III." Sometimes all you really want is sun, and sand, and ice-cream. Rated PG-13.

Sin of Omission
There are things he doesn't tell her, even when she asks. Rated PG.

Times Like These
Set after "Boom Town." It was times like these that the Doctor was glad Jack had joined them. Rated PG.

At Last
Set after "The Parting of the Ways." At first, all Rose could see was what wasn't there. Rated PG.

Snow White Lies
Set after "The Doctor Dances." Once upon a time, there was a girl. Rated PG.

Truth (The Fire Alarm Remix)
Someday, she'll dare. Rated PG.

Set after Doomsday. There are many doors in the TARDIS. Rated PG.

To Make In Hell For Us A Heaven
Set between Utopia and The Sound of Drums. Lucy Cole should have been just another piece of the perfect disguise that would give him the victory over the Doctor the Master had always craved. Rated R.

Set between The Sound of Drums and the end of Last of the Time Lords. How Lucy Saxon got from there to here. Rated R.

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