star trek: voyager fan fiction by ljc

Shared Pain, Shared Joy
When Jenny Delaney is injured in a Kazon attack, Meghan turns to her best--and possibly only--friend Tom Paris to help her through it.

Would You, Could You
Set a few weeks after "Blood Fever." Involves a birthday party, stuffed animals, Dr. Seuss, and deep, meaningful relationship-type stuff. Rated PG-13. Featured on the Best of Trek Site

Needing The Lie
Set directly after the events depicted in "Real Life."When Tom tells B'Elanna what happened to the Doctor's daughter, she is guilt-stricken, and seeks to make amends. Rated G.

Trust No Glass
B'Elanna and Tom go out on a real, candles and music dinner date. Meanwhile, B'Elanna and Meg Delaney square off. Rated PG.

Day of Honor - Missing Scene
Another proper tag to "Day of Honor." Rated PG.

Admiral's Personal Log
The letter Tom never recieved from Owen Paris in "Hunters." Rated PG.

The Steep and Thorny Way
Noah Lessing remarks upon his first feew weeks aboard Rated PG.

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