star trek (2009) fan fiction by ljc

Vulcans are touch telepaths. Rated G.

Never let it be said that Nyota Uhura doesn't know how to have fun. Rated PG.

House Rules
It was Gaila who started "The Rules". Rated PG.

Sweet Little Lies
Everyone knows about Orion girls. Rated PG-13.

Ad Astra
Putting into practice that which he had previously understood only in theory was more difficult than Spock had anticipated. Rated PG.

A Brief History of Lt (j.g.) Gaila Aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701)
Her first month aboard Enterprise, Gaila is put on Gamma Shift in Engineering. Rated PG.

A Thousand Words For Snow
Vulcans have no word for "lover". Rated PG-13.

Skinned Knees and Second Chances
Chris Pike had spent the last four years with a fixed goal in sight, and always moving forward. Rated PG.

Mission Accomplished
Today's the day. Rated PG.

Someday, Pike really is going to take her dancing. Rated NC-17.

Nobody likes dress uniforms. Rated NC-17.

Safe and Sound
Gaila doesn't understand human women. Rated NC-17.

By Any Other Name
Number One has been called many things. Rated PG.

Her Hands
Her hands are strong and clever. Rated G.

The Size of His Dream
Leonard McCoy was not what Christopher Pike expected. Rated PG.

Night Shift
Pike's never done this before. Rated PG.

The Benefits of Pragmatism
One of the things Chris loved about her was how competent she was. Rated PG.

Cognitive Dissonance
Mirror Universe. What mattered to Number One was that she was strong enough to keep her position as first officer, and thus far she'd done exactly that without having to warm Captain Pike's bed. That grace period was over. Warning: this story contains dubious consent, past non-con, knife play, power play, fear play, and insertive sex play. Rated NC-17.

Crossed Wires
The thing Gaila noticed first about Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott was how his ears turned bright pink when he talked to her. Rated PG.

The cell was barely large enough for both of them. Rated PG.

This House (Ain't No Home)
They had made their choice, and they had to live with it. But that didn't mean it was easy. Rated PG.

Control Issues
Mirror Universe. Pike is no fool. He knows she doesn't love him. Rated NC-17.

Different Theres and Elsewheres
Mirror Universe. Number One was neither foolish nor naïve. Rated R.

The Dance
Gaila was one of exactly six Orion cadets in the graduating class of 2258. Rated PG.

Counting the Seconds
Every time they are together, it just makes it harder for her to leave. Rated PG.

Force of Habit
Set post-film. All Leonard McCoy wanted in this world was to hold his little girl again. Rated PG-13.

Mirror Universe Commentfic
Mirror Universe. Compilation of MU snippets. Rated PG-13.

The Quality of Mercy
Mirror Universe. It was not Number One's first assassination attempt. Rated NC-17.

Qui Audet Adipiscitur
Set after "Safe and Sound". It wasn't that Gaila considered the Academy nothing but a non-stop buffet of beautiful people laid out before her like wildflowers in Spring. Rated PG-13.

Like Gravity
Home isn't Iowa. Rated PG.

Living with Gaila isn't all that different from living at home with her sisters. Rated PG.

Just like in the vids. Rated PG-13.

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