smallville fan fiction by ljc

The Sixth Hour
As the Winter Formal quickly approaches, throwing Clark and Chloe into a tailspin, life outside of Smallville High is fraught with danger as Lionel Luthor makes his annual inspection of the Plant—and his son. Rated PG

The Apple
Set during "Hourglass." White roses are for funerals. Rated PG

Hospital Coffee
Set during "Nicodemus." Chloe just can't stop thinking about her role in what happened to Pete and Lana. Rated PG

Our Town
Set during "Crush." The last act is always in a graveyard, in the rain. Rated PG

En Ami
Set during "Tempest." It would be so much easier if she could hate her. Rated PG

Sky Blue
Chloe Sullivan dreams about Kansas. Rated PG

Set after "Tempest." Chloe is determined not to let Clark Kent break her heart again. But an equally determined Clark isn't going to let her push him away. Rated PG-13

Eyes of the Dragon
St. George once slew a dragon. Rated PG

Green-Eyed Monster
Set during and after "Heat." Everyone always wants what everyone else has. Rated PG

Silver and Gold
Set during "Red." In which there are kisses and guilt, second chances are proffered, taken, and lost, the true nature of friendship is explored, lies are told, and Keanu Reeves' abs are discussed. Rated PG

Perpetual Slumber Party
Set during "Ryan" and "Dichotic." Chloe tries to sell her dad on Lana moving in with them. Rated PG

Match Girl
Chloe could really learn to hate Mother Nature. Rated PG

One Night at the Metropolitan
Chad the Goth finally makes his move. Rated PG-13

Between the first time and the next time. PG-13

Countdown to the Inevitable
She'd known for seven years, four months, seventeen days, five hours, and twelve minutes by the time he finally figured out that she knew. PG

Cabin Fever
Set after "Covenant." She had everything she could want. He'd made sure of that. PG-13

Natural Habitat
Chloe Sullivan, age 13. PG

Paper Targets
Set during "Warrior". They're not talking about paper hearts and arrows anymore. NC-17

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