nikita fan fiction by ljc

The Cat
Written by LJC
Set after War. While Nikita is recovering from the physical injuries inflicted on her by Red Cell, Michael hopes--irrationally--that one act of kindness may begin mending their shattering trust, and reflects on his tenuous relationship with his material.

Written by LJC
Set after War, and before Mercy. Plagued by nightmares, Michael feels he has no one to turn to--having irrepairably damaged his relationship with Nikita. However, can Nikita stand fast to her vow never to be fooled by Michael again, or will she allow him back into her life and possibly her heart?

Written by LJC
Set between Mercy and Hard Landing. Nikita reflects on her life before and in Section, and finds herself plagued by doubts and indecision about her new found freedom.

Acid Test
Written by LJC
Set between Spec Ops and Third Person. Nikita and Madeline have their first private tete-a-tete since her return to Section One.

Mnemosyne's Tears
Written by LJC
Set during Not Was. Michael remembers, and makes a choice.

The Anniversary
Written by LJC
They didn't celebrate anniversaries.

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