jake 2.0 fan fiction by ljc

series (updated: 06 november 2004)

The Cure for the Single Syndrome
Set during Last Man Standing. Diane comes clean about her reasons for coming to Seattle, and Jake has a revelation. Rated PG

Peace of Mind
Set during Middleman. Jake and Diane wait to learn how much Steve Clemens told his contacts about the nanite project. Rated PG-13

Balancing Act
Set during Arms and the Girl. There was no reason why Jake going to a wedding with an old college friend should bother Diane. Not a single logical reason. Rated PG

Art of War
Set during Prince and the Revolution. Diane tries to put her feelings aside to help Jake make his choice. Rated PG

Sense Memory
Set during Get Foley. Jake Foley may have lost his memories--but he gained a few, as well. Rated PG-13

Coffee Break
Set after Arms and the Girl. Ever since he'd gone from her top field agent to her right hand, riding a desk, Kyle brought Lou her coffee in the morning. Rated PG

The Talk
Set after Dead Man Talking. Lou decides it's time that Diane and Jake are given "the talk." Rated PG

Cause and Effect
Set after Upgrade. Every time she leaves him, she leaves a little larger part of herself with him. And every time she comes back to him, he takes just a little more. Rated R

Set after Dead Man Talking. Diane laughs at his lame jokes as she puts him through his paces each morning, and at least twice a week he walks her to her car, and she doesn't touch him. Rated PG

stand-alones (updated: 1 january 2010)

Geek of Steel
AU. Set after Last Man Standing. Jake has a little... problem that only Diane can solve. Rated R

Odds Are
Eggnog, mistletoe, and 5-1 odds. Rated PG

Status Quo
When Jake and Diane make plans for Valentine's Day, things get a little wacky. Rated PG

The Dangers of Champagne and Shrimp Puffs
If you'd asked Jake Foley twelve hours ago where he thought he would be tonight, the last thing he would have expected was locked in a panic room with no shoes, a bottle of Chivas Regal, and his boss. Rated PG

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