gargoyles fan fiction by ljc

The Butler's Tale
A visit from an old lover threatens to turn Owen Burnett's life upside down.

Blood From a Stone
Kate MacAlpin's heart was broken when her ne'erdowell brother sold the family castle to pay off the family debts. Now she's doing a book on the history of Castle Wyvern, and she's about to learn a whole lot more than she expected.

Rowan's back to her old tricks--and this time she's messing with the gargoyles and Matt Bluestone. But a rogue member of the Illuminati may prove more than she can handle on her own.

David Xanatos and his father haven't seen eye to eye in over a decade. But when Petros has a heart attack, David goes home for the first time in years.

To Drive the Cold Winter Away

with Missy Wilson Winter Solstice is a time for family, friends, and celebration. Tell that to Owen Burnett--exiled from family, friends, home and hearth, he's not much in the mood for celebration.

The Hills Come Between You and Me
Rowan and Owen are separated by the world walls, and may never see one another again. Meanwhile, one of Marlowe's scientists is developing a clone at Cyberbiotics. But is his research for the common good, or does Preston Vogel have something else in mind?

Shakespeare only knew half the story.

Just Desserts
Anyone who thinks married people are boring obviously hasn't met Fox and David Xanatos.

Was (Wasn't)
The greatest trick the Puck had ever played was telling the world Owen Burnett didn't exist.

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