firefly fan fiction by ljc

series (updated: 02 september 2003)

Letting Go
She was in love with that ship already—he could tell. And you couldn't talk a lick of sense into a girl in love. Rated PG

Set after "Shindig." Music. Rated PG

Set during "Jaynestown." Simon is such an easy mark... Rated R

Simple Things
Set during "Objects In Space." Simple things, all lost. Rated PG

Ribbons and Bows
Set after "Objects in Space." Kaylee and Simon are having trouble sleeping. Rated PG

That Old Yeh Shen Story
Set after "Objects In Space." Taking some cryogenetically frozen breeding stock to Paquin, it's a bit of a bumpy ride as Simon and Kaylee's budding romance brings out the worst in Mal. Warning: this story contains implied dubious consent. Rated PG-13

Set after "That Old Yeh Shen Story." Simon and Kaylee are having trouble finding a bit of privacy. Rated R

Eros and Agape
River knows the difference. Rated R

Creature Comforts
Simon had never not had money. Rated PG

Kaylee knows they come from different worlds. Rated PG

Lex Talionis
An old enemy exacts revenge. Warning: this story contains sexual violence and mature themes. Rated R

stand alones (updated: 03 december 2004)

Set during "Serenity." In Simon's mind, River was frozen forever at fourteen. Rated PG

Not Yet
Nothing grows on Serenity but her charges. Rated PG

When he was eight years old, Wash discovered that he wanted to believe in fairy tales. Rated G

First Kiss
Just another day in the life of Serenity's crew—kinda. Rated G

Mal isn't really sure when home stopped meaning Shadow. Rated PG

They were blue gloves. Rated PG

She wasn't sure when she realised it, exactly. Rated PG

He trusts her. Rated PG

Mother Is The
Name of God

Set during "Safe." Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of children. Rated PG

Sometimes, change is good. Rated PG

Set after "Objects in Space." Just a friendly game of hide-and-seek. Rated NC-17

Set during "The Message." Kaylee and Simon make a deal. Rated PG

The Rescue
Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. Rated PG

It wasn't their first kiss. Rated R

Wash knew about the box under the bed, but no one else did. Rated PG

Sleeps in Elysium
River could be bounded in a nutshell and think herself a queen of infinite space. Rated PG-13

Inara's not afraid of dying. Rated PG

Simple Pleasures
Simon learns to understand that simple joys could be the most profound. Rated PG

Target Practice
NEW. Set after "War Stories." Jayne gives Kaylee a self defence lesson. Rated PG

remix challenges (updated: 09 may 2005)

Casting Shadows
River's a magpie, drawn to anything that shines. Rated NC-17

Malcolm Reynolds had better start counting to ten before he speaks. Rated PG-13

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