earth2 fan fiction by ljc

The Last Wildflower
One upon a time, a girl named Bess Amelia Klempt met a guy named Morgan Horatio Martin, and it was love at first sight. Sort of.

Entertaining Thoughts
Set during "Natural Born Grendlers." Julia has some unsettling dreams--and comes to some conclusions about her hot-headed patient.

After the Fact
After betraying the Advance team, how can Julia simply pick up where she left off with Alonzo?

Eye of the Beholder
Alonzo Solace asks Dr. Julia Heller M.D. on a real, honest-to-god date.

When Devon and Danziger are trapped in a Grendler stash, Danziger learns why Devon is afraid of the dark.

Tangled Web
That whole mess that the dimensionally transcendential spiders of love left D&D thinkin...

Who Watches the Watcher?
Eden Advance's newest member may not be what she seems.

And We Took It Believing It Free
While Julia works around the clock to try and heal Devon, Uly disappears.

The arrival of the Colony ship changes everything.

The Letter
Julia writes a letter to her mother.

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